Week’s FitPlan:

Day 1: Muscle Endurance/3 mile run
Day 2: Kick, Punch & Crunch
Day 3: High Step Training Advanced/4 mile run
Day 4: Low Max
Day 5: Muscle Max (go as heavy as you can)/2 mile run
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: Step Blast/3 mile run

So…. No new snipit of knowledge today:
Recap on a stress-free week and relaxing half a month.
Must work on intensity!!!!  Today’s run was nothing to write home about. 

Today was the first day that I had slept-in in such a long time.  I awoke @ 9:00 a.m and felt that the day had passed me by without me knowing!!! Everyone was in total shock that I had stayed in bed.  ha…ha…

I’m still working on my SkyyFitPlan Database and hope to have it completed by early July. I would like to record everything daily on one location. Right now, I have 4 different spreadsheets that records my fitplan

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