A Page from the Past

Titled:  Annissa Gail

Annissa Gail, you have never come to be.
I will never rock you gently
upon my knees.
Although I’ll never birth you,
nor see your pretty little smile,
you’ve lived in my heart for a long while.
You’ll always be in my mind and in my heart.
I love you Anna,
Even from the very start.

As I go through the pages of yesteryear, I’m coming across signs that remind me of my heart’s desires. When this was written in 1998, I was alone in Korea and missing my boys.  I pulled out a page in my book and listed my kids names; first and middle and decided to write a poem to the little girl of my heart. At the time I wanted to believe that Anna would come about, but by the writing, you could tell I had no faith.
But life has a way of making you believe. 
Fast forward to 2009.
I’m sure that I’ve had plenty “Red Sea” moments.  The times that I know that only God could have brought it about- going through my past is bringing me closer to God and by getting closer to God, I realize what is truly important and what isn’t.
To God be the glory for the things He has done.

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