Love Letters

While leafing through the past, I found some undated Love Letters that I wrote to the boys while I was away.  I am assuming that it was during my first trip to the Middle East.  It had been the first time that I had been away from the boys since my trip to Korea in 1998.

Our hearts are miles apart
but my love for you burns strong.
Even in this distant place
my mind is on the first time I seen your face.
Your eyes, your hair, your smile…
is keeping me alive.
and in my mind,
I hold you tight.
You are my oldest son
and life without you is no fun.
So hold me in your heart
save all my kisses
As my eyes mist at this time that
we’re apart.
This is a love letter to you.

This is for my little man and all the love he brings.
To me you’re more than just “little man”
You are my little king.
I work and work to make you smile
because I know your heart is mine.
you’re sweet,
you’re tough
and I love you so very much.
Next time I see you,
I’m going to pinch your cheeks.
I’ll pat your head
and then put you to bed.
Because you need your sleep.
This is my love letter to you.

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