Chasing Wind

Chasing Wind

 Chasing after the wind,
wondering what the new will bring
looking at the past
thankful bad relations never last
Breathing a sigh of relief
truly not carring about other’s beliefs
of what I should be
of what I should do
and of what I should think.

Loving myself no matter what
Knowing my heart is in the right place
standing my ground with all the negativity I’ve faced
It’s okay to be just as I am,
It’s okay that I took a stand.
It’s okay that I left the way that I did
It’s okay to pretend that I never lived,
because my life has nothing to do with yours,
my joys are not based you how you see me.
I am free in the Lord to be me.
To Love and Sing
to Laugh and to Cry
and not chasing the Wind
by asking why.
why wasn’t I accepted
why was my son’s life affected
when will Karma return the favor

Sitting and thinking on these things
is pretty much chasing of the wind
Time to get up and start anew
time to let go of all of you….
who cares of your opinions….
I laugh at you minions!!

shoo flies, shoo
I’m free of all of you.

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