Shrugged —Update—


I’m still working my way through this book. There are parts that I like about the book.  As stated, I like the way the Dagny works hard. I like the way that she finds ways around the obstacles as a result of the government imposed rules and law that limit that amount of production that she can produce therefore limiting her success.
I don’t like the fact that at every turn it is expected that those who don’t work reap the rewards from those who actually work. I’ve always had the core belief that “if you don’t work…you don’t eat”.  I’ve always liked to eat; therefore I work!!! But this book, so far is taking it to the extreme. The hard workers are being penalized for working hard. Others sit back and wait on the government to assist with laws to limit what others are doing to ensure that they (the slackers) have just as much.  So what would be the reward for hard work?

I did a check (from my best friend—Google) about Ms. Rand and I know that we differ greatly in core beliefs.  She did not like religion– stating it mildly.  I love religion—or rather—  I love God. The creator of Heaven and Earth. Israel’s God. and I have a relationship with Him, through Jesus Christ.

She believed that the purpose of live was pursuit of one’s own happiness.  I differ there too. I


I will continue to read Atlas Shrugged because I want see how it ends………

Me and Hubby— My bestest of friend!!!
New Pepsi recruit!!!!!

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