Week in Review:

Books completed: 2.
Miles ran:  6
Pounds gained/lost: 0
Days happy: 7

This week has been a blessing.
Church service was again another great experience.  Today’s topic is fulfilling our destiny.  Not falling short. Although we all have had to overcome different issues in life, don’t let those issues keep us from reaching our potential. God is a good God and has given us all we need.

Shadow and Chewie are still in what I call “doggie prison” but seem to be happy. Our last visit proved to be a challenge because both dogs looked sad and seemed to have missed us much.  This time, we are going with big bones to take their minds off of being in Lock Up!

Goals for this upcoming week:
run 12 miles
complete one book
Live in the NOW
Live in Love

Anna’s new ride for our outdoor runs!!!!  There is NO excuse now for not stepping off of the treadmill and onto the pavement. Hopefully all miles this week will be outside miles!!!

This marks our 2nd week here.

Things are so peaceful and beautiful here.  Told hubby that “I’m happy in Hawaii”… he can tell. Anna is once again making gains. She was potty trained before leaving our last state, but during the vacation and the move, she wanted to revert back to baby.  Guess that it’s understandable. Now she is just about getting back to being a “big girl.”

Gabriel is doing so well…. I am so proud of him.  He has been getting things done. We made the right move by bringing him with us and he is blessed.  It’s funny how things work out for those who love the Lord.

Church on Sunday was once again a very good experience. We’re told to walk in God’s Righteousness. If we know something is wrong, say it.  If we’re doing something wrong stop it. We as Christians are called to walk in Righteousness.  We all know that we have no righteous thing within us, apart from God. It’s hard when the World’s view is different from God’s view, but God gives us strength through the Holy Spirit to walk in His Righteousness.

Sunday Sanctuary

So today, I searched for a new Church home.  I know that I needed to find an Assemblies of God church, so I consulted my best friend- google and found First Assembly of God.  Anna and I quickly got dressed and jumped into the car and found ourselves in an environment that was warm and welcoming!

It’s nice to know that I can find the church I love to go to by going to AG.org.  No matter what city if find myself in, there is an Assemblies of God nearby with open arms.

Today’s message was to step outside of ourselves and walk in the path that God has for us. No matter what our beginnings were- we shouldn’t let that limit us from being all that God has called us to be.  When we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we became new people and we need to walk in that newness and work for God.  Today was a beautiful day, and I was happy to visit First Assembly.

Karma Revealed

Karma revealed

within recorded conversations
secrets so shameful
spoken without reservations

protection on my part????
Maybe… who knows…
a cushion of sorts…
protection from many received blows.
@ every given turn
hatred was revealed
roadblocks placed within my path…

…it was so unreal.
so a little device was used to record how I feel.
replaying conversations to ensure what I heard was real.
torn between a ‘friend’
and a hatred for Belgium chocolate
pushing record had always led to heartache
..if not for that “friend’s” sake…….
Belgium might have had another earthquake
It’s easy to upload recorded mp3’s

but I’m not one to bring a country to it’s  knees.

Karma and I have a deal.

Photo taken by Annissa
Hair still tight!! Now… did someone say COFFEE?????

 We all arrived in one piece. The landing was shaky because the cool breeze was determined to give us a proper welcome!! A welcome like no other….the tree leaves swaying, the afternoon air fresh, the sky clear… as if to say..” Now Breathe…I’ve done my part…now do yours.”  And do mine, I did!! I thank the Lord for the beauty of the land, for the safe arrival with my loves, for Shadow barking loudly…. letting me know that he survived the trip.

Little miss Leader!!

 Always in charge…..

 Now I know that not only is it time to get back to Work Work… I must get back to working on toning up my arms!!

It all fit


So…. how does one travel with 2 adults, 2 teenagers, 2 dogs, and 1 toddler???

How does one keep their hair????
With a fresh weave…… of course!!!!!
But also….
With organization!!! LOTS of it.  The day started out wonderful.  Up at 4:00 a.m. to make a 9:30 departure.
Dogs clean and on leashes… Toddler bathed and dress in a cute outfit…. Teen-agers doing what teen-agers do…. Hubby… with a big cup of coffee…. and Mom…….
Well…. Mom stressing… what if I forgot one of my many new book purchases???? Could live without knowing the ending to the story? What about the Kindle??? Is it fully charged? You know, it is going to be  a long day and I could always escape into my Kindle.  Man.!! the coffee is sooooo perfect!! Breathe….
All the luggage:  8 Suite cases; 1 footlocker; 5 backpacks; 1 car seat, 1 stroller, 2 dog crates…. FIT into the Ford Edge!!!  Maybe I should get a Ford Edge… loved the drive.  It only took 11/2 hours to check everything/everyone in and Shadow and Chewie rest happily (or not soooo happy in Shadow’s case) in their creates.
An here I sit… with a fresh, new weave!!!!
Life is good….