This marks our 2nd week here.

Things are so peaceful and beautiful here.  Told hubby that “I’m happy in Hawaii”… he can tell. Anna is once again making gains. She was potty trained before leaving our last state, but during the vacation and the move, she wanted to revert back to baby.  Guess that it’s understandable. Now she is just about getting back to being a “big girl.”

Gabriel is doing so well…. I am so proud of him.  He has been getting things done. We made the right move by bringing him with us and he is blessed.  It’s funny how things work out for those who love the Lord.

Church on Sunday was once again a very good experience. We’re told to walk in God’s Righteousness. If we know something is wrong, say it.  If we’re doing something wrong stop it. We as Christians are called to walk in Righteousness.  We all know that we have no righteous thing within us, apart from God. It’s hard when the World’s view is different from God’s view, but God gives us strength through the Holy Spirit to walk in His Righteousness.

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