My Declaration

My Declaration

It had been preached throughout the Nations
the Good New brought down through the generations
of a God who loved and laid down His life
for all of creation.
There’s a place in my heart, not seen with human eyes
a place that’s a battlefield—
with my soul as the prize—

Deep within my thoughts
Deep within my being
Without God’s Love– Life would have no meaning.
I’m not here to please my earthly lust.
In my possessions– I will not place my Trust.

In the realm of my subconsciousness—-
—The place Forever resides—-

I declare:

“Our God is greater,
Our God is stronger,
God You are higher than any other.
Our God is Healer,
awesome in Power,
Our God…. Our God
And if our God is for us,
then who would ever stop us
And if our God is with us,
then what could stand against???”
                 —-Chris Tomlin
The things that I see…
The things that I don’t…
The thoughts that I know that I have….
The thoughts that I’m not  aware of….
My heart..
My soul..
My emotions…
My body….
Belongs to the King of kings..
The Lord of Lords…
The Creator of Heaven and Earth..
He who Was and IS and who will always be…
He who gave His life for me.
The Sanction of the victim
Ms. Rand’s philosophy aside, this book makes a good read.  It’s as if she is looking into the workings of a lot of organizations today.  There are many who work hard but get no where. No matter how hard you work– someone (others) wants to reap the rewards of your labor.
The hard worker is chastised for working hard. The hard work is made to believe that THEY are the evil ones.  If you don’t conform to the majority rule— you are set apart and treated poorly.  As fiction, the book is wonderful.
I don’t agree with her philosophy, and I don’t understand why a lot of people who love this book are Republicans and atheist. Through research, this book is linked with great evil.  It is rumored that points from this book was used t develop the satanic bible—-
I take it that the Republicans are the wealthy in this story that believe that the government is creating a lot of free loaders and that they (the wealthy) are being penalized for working hard and making a profit……

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