The guilty

Shrugged update:

“there is no way to disarm any man except through guilt. Through that which he himself has accepted as guilt.”

If there is not enough guilt in the world, we must create it.

“if we teach a man that it’s evil to look at spring flowers and he believes us and then does it –we’ll be able to do whatever we please with him. He won’t defend himself. He won’t feel he’s worth it. He won’t fight. But save us from the man who lives up to his own standards. Save us from the man of clean conscience. He’s the man who’ll beat us.”

So now I begin to see the great evil…. Part of it is to make the innocent, guilty. Or better yet, feel guilt if there is no guilt. You break a man down, then start to fill that man with what you perceive him to be. Sounds like manipulation in the making. You want a puppet on a string? Begin by making him doubt himself…..

Look around… Many people use the same techniques today!! From your own supervisors, to your pastors. People play on your emotions and not your reason.

When you play on emotions — that’s manipulation.
When you reason with someone — that influence.

I’ve learned so much in the last few years as to how far others will go to make you doubt yourself and your abilities.

Thank you, Jesus that the darkness will not put out the light!!
I have a long way to go…. On this path of peace…

God is Good!!!
Faith, Love, Hope……

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