Suggestions for a lump of Coal

Oceans apart and still raging wars…..
why not admit your fault and let it all go?
Are you still so sore that you
couldn’t tear me down???
Must you continue to smear my name
around town?

Keep communicating…
All your black heart knows are lies
keep spreading your negative influence
under a “being Professional” guise….

Your heart is black
your mind is dulled
only hatred pours from your delusional blood.

Spread that influence… spread it thick
keep casting those blows
keep being a d–k
from across the ocean, still under that evil potion
I stand back and laugh at you’re misguided gumption…

That others really care what you think.

You need a transfusion…step away from your demonic union
totally replacement, to get rid of that tainted blood.
lay back, relax, drain the old
and fill the new with God’s love.

No more promotions with in my future???
So what!
A reputation of being difficult??? Not a team player???
So what!
I’m the most hated in my profession???
So what!!

You must be sad…
to live with no convictions..
you vilify me, but you proved to be the affliction
You were wrong about me.. has wrong as could be
one day everyone will see

I was right about you.

It will all be revealed in time…
Try to influence your own mind….
…to be a better person…

And even if you don’t…..
…..So what!!?!

See how that works?

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