****Ohhhh……Lovely Day*****

Living in Paradise is wonderful!  I don’t know if it is because of the new surroundings or if it is because of a change of attitude, but I have been happy since arriving in this beautiful place.  I still have some of the same annoyances has my last assignment, however, this time I refuse to let any other person define me.  I don’t let others dictate how I feel about myself, my job, my surroundings.  I don’t respond emotionally. I just take note and alter my plan of attack (if that is what I want to do). Most times, I just don’t care enough to put any energy into in.  I go about my happiness.

It’s really funny to continually see how others try to manipulate new relationships.  It speaks loudly to the fact that if you try to influence how others interacts with someone they have just met – You still have issues. It’s like telling a common acquaintance every bad thing you perceive about someone in order to influence that acquaintance to live out your vengeance on a person. That is manipulation. That is evil. That is useless….. if the person doesn’t care to form new relationships.

Walking in Truth means sitting down with the new acquaintance and laying it all on the table.  Telling them that you know what’s up and that it is an evil script, played out by evil people.  The new acquaintance is just falling into a game that will cause their own heart to turn black.  And it is easy to see a black heart and stay away from that influence.

What’s funny…. to be hated for being a know-it-all….and have the same people who are filled with that hate….pattern their lives after yours. Copy everything they claim to hate about you in order to make their lives better.

You dress like a boy… you meet someone who dresses it up and looks good when dressed…who wears heels and carries them self NOT like a boy, and you copy. You abandon your “jeans and tee-shirt” lifestyle and be more like the hated object. Then tell everyone…. oh…it’s not because of her…It’s because I’ve decided to dress differently, and practicing walking in heels because I wanted to. OK

“It’s funny you should say that….. I would have thought that you would think differently….. Nobody knows Everything…..What you’re saying is interesting, however…..”
“she’s such a know-it-all.. let’s make her realize what she doesn’t know.”

Yes, it was hell….But…. I’d been to Hell before..  That ain’t Nothing….

It was totally unbelievable that a group of people who were screwing around with each other could possible judge me a know-it-all—–then come to me because I knew it. Then tell others how crazy I was….when they in fact THEY were taking pyschotic drugs— commenting on my skin and teeth when THEY had a head full of ringworm…..

Yes, it was hell…..But…. I’d been to Hell before….   That ain’t Nothing…..

It’s funny that once you can’t get a rise of emotion from someone who was once so easily manipulated— nothing that is done from afar (and from someone trying to get close), can affect the not so now manipulated one.

I say….JK your own love….
you should…….live your own life.
tell your own boring story… so others can fall into a trance…
and suggest that they lay down the evil script.

Because I’m not listening anymore…
I stopped listening to the suggestions the moment I heard them …
and stopped pretending I didn’t know about it.. May 2011.
then the shadows went away.

The sun came out….
…and Ohhhhhhh………….
what a lovely day.

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