Black Friday

while the masses went shopping– happy with the savings that they “made”– while dazily wondering through the maze of others and frustrustions at “missed deals”– I chose that day to clear out and give away.
The world system tells us to buy it NOW. We NEED it…. whatever “it” is.

food…clothes..bags (all the things that you know that I love)

But DO WE?
Do we need another bag?
Do we need the latest gadget?
Do we need that high fat food?

Do I need it?
What if there is a different system?
Different from the current world system.

This system says….
To get…..give
to get love…..give love
to get forgiveness….forgive

The measure that I treat you…. is the measure that I will be treated.

Funny… this “black Friday” wasn’t so black—-far from it.
somehow… in the distance…. is..


I wonder what it takes for someone to really know you.

What others see is often times blurred by their perception of who they think that you are. How unfair in this process that we called living to never really take the time to get to know someone.
What do you really know about your friends?
What do you really know about your love?
Does your love really know about you?

When I listened to this song…. I was thinking that Kelly Clarkson was telling the world that we really don’t know a thing about her. I was wondering….. You see someone for months…years…even…and is it possible that you don’t know a thing about that person?

I answered…. yes.
If we don’t take the glasses of judgement off… the glasses of hidden messages… the glasses of pettiness.. the glasses of hatred… we will never really know others.

I spent 3 years with co-workers who never knew a thing about me.
Today… I solved another piece to the puzzle that was my last job. Another trap that was revealed because I refused to follow evil.

Thanks be to God!!!! Thanks be to God!!! Thanks be to God!!!

Still working towards goal

Long time!! Still working towards goal.  Although I have yet to make goal, I have firmed up a lot!  I am wearing 3 sizes smaller than I had been wearing this time last year.  My cardio of choice is treadmill running and weight training.  I have to get back to the DVDs. That will complete the program.


So far this week I’ve logged 12 miles. It feels really good to be able to get on the treadmill after work and “run away” anything I may have taken offense to during the day. But lately… It hasn’t been much.

I am continuing my research on Work place bulling and I am amazed at how I could identify with a lot of what is already written. But at the time it was going on, I was unaware of the terms. I just knew something was not right.

Words are so important. I’m beginning to understand why we have to account for every word spoken at judgment. Words are so important. It is my hope that I use my words wisely and to uplift others. I don’t want to be the person that bring others down.

My job is wonderful. Who would have thought that I would finally get to a place where there is no stress.
Well… It’s time to list my goals once again and to work towards those goals.

I.  Fitness:
     a. Train for a Marathon. The next one here is December 11, but I doubt that I will make that one.  I will continue to train though.  I like having high mileage weeks.
     b. Work through exercise DVDs.  I have the space in the Lounge to do my aerobics, so now in addition to the running. I have to pull out the Fitness DVDs and MP3s.
     c. iTrain- Use iTrain workouts more – I have some good strength training iTrain mp3’s. now it’s time to put them to good use.  They really are good workouts.

II.  Sewing:
      a.  Finish making Anna some summer dresses.  She is such a girly-girl.  She loves to have pretty dresses and she’ll look good in some home-made dresses… LOL
      b.  Use my design- Pattern-making books more.  Try my hand at designing….. I can do it.

III.  Home:
      a. Continue organizing the house.  It really is great to have everything in its own place.  I have access to all my books without having to trip over any of them.  I have been reading/researching much more and it’s nice to have everything close by without feeling “closed in.”
      b.  Cookbooks. crack open the cookbooks a little more.  I’m committed to eating in more often, so that means that I need to cook.  So…. planning meals on the weekend, shopping with a list in hand, and cooking more.

All-in-all.. things have settled down a lot!!  Even in the face of chaos today, I am able to walk in Truth.  And by walking in Truth, I am able to see the games people play and laugh. I am so seeing the changes in me and I like them. I like them a lot.  There are still mountains to climb and puddles to watch out for, but I now see the puddles and jump over them (sometimes I walk right through them—just to have some fun). and the mountains—- I celebrate while I’m climbing them— thanking God all the way.  Thanking Him for the peace that He’s given to me.

Starting a new Bible Study by Charles Swindoll…. .Insights on Romans: The Christian’s Constitution, Volume 1 & 2  It’s good to get back to the basics.
Charles Swindoll and Charles Stanley are two of the minister’s that I’ve always gone back to when I wanted to hear the Word of the Lord.

living blessed.

Beautiful Day

New Garage Gym — Skyy’s Lounge!!

Photo Happiness!!!!

Happy after 6o min on treadmill

Today turned out to be such a wonderful day.  Hubby and I finished on the Garage Zone.  Everything neatly organized and accessible.  All of our things fit nicely and I am now able to have my home gym in the garage.  Treadmill and spinning bike set up and ready for me to find that motivation! Well.. today, I found a little bit of it. I visited Skyy’s Lounge and spent about 60 minutes in the Zone with Samantha and her crew.

I walked and ran and laughed at the ladies.  It was so peaceful and just what I needed. All my books are displayed… but not in the house.  Only the books that I am currently working through and want to use as research is allowed into the house.  All others are on shelves in the Lounge.  When I am ready to start another section I exchange what is in the house with what is in the Lounge. That way, I maintain order and still have the books that I love.  Hubby again is committed to letting me have as many as I want.  And I add… as long as I can organize them.  If I can’t organize them, it’s time for them to go.

Living Blessed….


Picking Off

“picking off right where you left off”

Where I left off was not the place to be,
Wondering what you all really thought of me….

Picking off….

Listening to all your negative vibes….
Picking off your constant hatred and your lies.
You’re hoping that someone deepest fears will come true?
Not realizing the heap of coal that those thoughts brings upon you.
pick off that negativity and be free
Stop trying to change me.


You never meant any harm
The words you spoke was meant as a charm
You misunderstand me…. no need to sound the alarm….

Where you…..

Where are you??
What’s in your heart??
Where is that conscience
Where is that spark?
Is no one as smart as you are??
Can no one know the meanings of your words?? left off

The fact that I made it through
The fact that I didn’t need you
The fact that you and your crew
Needed to find something better to do
Where I left off was not the place to be,
But something came out from it….
The freedom to see and hear and understand me..

Hope you’re picking up right where you left off
Pick up love
Pick up peace
Pick up forgiveness
Pick up eternity
Pick up The Bible
Pick up your head
Pick up your heart