Picking Off

“picking off right where you left off”

Where I left off was not the place to be,
Wondering what you all really thought of me….

Picking off….

Listening to all your negative vibes….
Picking off your constant hatred and your lies.
You’re hoping that someone deepest fears will come true?
Not realizing the heap of coal that those thoughts brings upon you.
pick off that negativity and be free
Stop trying to change me.


You never meant any harm
The words you spoke was meant as a charm
You misunderstand me…. no need to sound the alarm….

Where you…..

Where are you??
What’s in your heart??
Where is that conscience
Where is that spark?
Is no one as smart as you are??
Can no one know the meanings of your words??

..you left off

The fact that I made it through
The fact that I didn’t need you
The fact that you and your crew
Needed to find something better to do
Where I left off was not the place to be,
But something came out from it….
The freedom to see and hear and understand me..

Hope you’re picking up right where you left off
Pick up love
Pick up peace
Pick up forgiveness
Pick up eternity
Pick up The Bible
Pick up your head
Pick up your heart

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