Beautiful Day

New Garage Gym — Skyy’s Lounge!!

Photo Happiness!!!!

Happy after 6o min on treadmill

Today turned out to be such a wonderful day.  Hubby and I finished on the Garage Zone.  Everything neatly organized and accessible.  All of our things fit nicely and I am now able to have my home gym in the garage.  Treadmill and spinning bike set up and ready for me to find that motivation! Well.. today, I found a little bit of it. I visited Skyy’s Lounge and spent about 60 minutes in the Zone with Samantha and her crew.

I walked and ran and laughed at the ladies.  It was so peaceful and just what I needed. All my books are displayed… but not in the house.  Only the books that I am currently working through and want to use as research is allowed into the house.  All others are on shelves in the Lounge.  When I am ready to start another section I exchange what is in the house with what is in the Lounge. That way, I maintain order and still have the books that I love.  Hubby again is committed to letting me have as many as I want.  And I add… as long as I can organize them.  If I can’t organize them, it’s time for them to go.

Living Blessed….


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