Black Friday

while the masses went shopping– happy with the savings that they “made”– while dazily wondering through the maze of others and frustrustions at “missed deals”– I chose that day to clear out and give away.
The world system tells us to buy it NOW. We NEED it…. whatever “it” is.

food…clothes..bags (all the things that you know that I love)

But DO WE?
Do we need another bag?
Do we need the latest gadget?
Do we need that high fat food?

Do I need it?
What if there is a different system?
Different from the current world system.

This system says….
To get…..give
to get love…..give love
to get forgiveness….forgive

The measure that I treat you…. is the measure that I will be treated.

Funny… this “black Friday” wasn’t so black—-far from it.
somehow… in the distance…. is..


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