Last Day…Looking back

Well… 2011 turned out to be a very good year.

After leaving the evil surroundings of my last assignment, I was able to break free of the evil influences that was trying to control my life and my thoughts.  I was able to find my peace by walking away from all of the games that people play and was able to look at myself in the mirror once again with love.  I finally accepted myself for was what I am and what I am not. I realized that I have to love me…No matter what.  Loving me sometimes means that I have to get the courage to walk away from the  things that is not helping me grow.

This year, I grew closer to God, through Jesus Christ.  I am committed to living for Christ.  There is so many negatives pulling for your attention. Things that tries to get your eyes off of God. I thank God, that He holds me.  He is my portion. 2011 was an eye-opening year.

I thank the Lord that I was able to move to Hawaii this year.  I have been very happy here.  It must be in the air.  2012 will be just as wonderful. 

Some goals for 2012:

Daily Devotions

Prepare for tomorrow, today

Train for a marathon

Complete Les Mill’s Pump rotation

Sew more outfits

Read more books

Cook more meals

Love more deeply

Laugh more freely

Live more consciously  

Ring in 2012!!

Life on Bended Knees

“Down on bended Knees”

It was a famous song back in the day. A song that I’ve heard plenty of times.  It was also part of a Bible Study that I was listening to given by Charles Swindoll on the 7th of Nov.

As I sat at my computer at work, I listened to the internet radio of a sermon given by Charles Swindoll on the how to live life— honestly, I don’t remember what the sermon was about- but I do remember those 4 words: Down on bended knees. I had my headphone playing the sermon and my co-worker was listening to the song “on bended knees” at the desk behind me. At a pre coordinated time– by whom??–  I heard those words at the same time – in perfect sync- from my headphones ( the sermon given by Charles Swindoll) and my co-worker’s speakers (listening to the song.) The sound made me shiver!!! I had to write it down!  I didn’t know what it meant, but I wasn’t going to let it go without at least writing it down. It had to mean something.

At the first opportunity I got, I told hubby about what and how I had heard those words.  I started to live life on bended…

I realized that I had to bow my head, fall on my knees, and submit to God.  Not only to God, but I had to submit to my husband. Biblically, literally.  In every sense.

I told hubby that there was a change in the wind…. I was feeling a change in the tide.

Well… I made the decision to start to process to become a foster parent- I tried to tone down my “know-it-all” attitude, I started walking humbly…

8 December 2011:  I got news that I was not expecting… not in a million years.. not after a million tears…. I was selected to be promoted to the next pay grade within my organization.  An organization I had given up on and knew without a doubt had given up on me. God had placed— for such a time as this– an instrument with a heart for Him–to bring about a miracle!!!

For such a time as this….. living life on Bended Knees….may I never forget the Grace of God.