Life on Bended Knees

“Down on bended Knees”

It was a famous song back in the day. A song that I’ve heard plenty of times.  It was also part of a Bible Study that I was listening to given by Charles Swindoll on the 7th of Nov.

As I sat at my computer at work, I listened to the internet radio of a sermon given by Charles Swindoll on the how to live life— honestly, I don’t remember what the sermon was about- but I do remember those 4 words: Down on bended knees. I had my headphone playing the sermon and my co-worker was listening to the song “on bended knees” at the desk behind me. At a pre coordinated time– by whom??–  I heard those words at the same time – in perfect sync- from my headphones ( the sermon given by Charles Swindoll) and my co-worker’s speakers (listening to the song.) The sound made me shiver!!! I had to write it down!  I didn’t know what it meant, but I wasn’t going to let it go without at least writing it down. It had to mean something.

At the first opportunity I got, I told hubby about what and how I had heard those words.  I started to live life on bended…

I realized that I had to bow my head, fall on my knees, and submit to God.  Not only to God, but I had to submit to my husband. Biblically, literally.  In every sense.

I told hubby that there was a change in the wind…. I was feeling a change in the tide.

Well… I made the decision to start to process to become a foster parent- I tried to tone down my “know-it-all” attitude, I started walking humbly…

8 December 2011:  I got news that I was not expecting… not in a million years.. not after a million tears…. I was selected to be promoted to the next pay grade within my organization.  An organization I had given up on and knew without a doubt had given up on me. God had placed— for such a time as this– an instrument with a heart for Him–to bring about a miracle!!!

For such a time as this….. living life on Bended Knees….may I never forget the Grace of God.

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