Weight loss is a mental challenge, not a physical one.  If you can take control of your mind, the rest will follow.

I saw this on facebook and it is so true!!!

This last week was a good workout week. I’m loving having a SkyyLounge in my garage.  It makes it much easier to get up and hop onto the treadmill.  I scored a find at the thrift store about a week ago.  Seasons I-VI of LOST for $9.99 a season! So, since I’ve finished the Sex and the City series…. Now, on to LOST! A challenge would be to see how much weight I lose per season. Goal… 5LBs per season. That’s doable!! And also a lot of fun.  I’m going into week II of Les Mills PUMP. So far, I know that I have to add additional workouts with this set.  I can not fall into the thought that I will lose or even maintain with only PUMP. PUMP Challenge is only 20 min of work, with lots of talking in between.

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