One of the places that I find the most peace….. My Library.  Right now, I’m reading about 4 books!!!

I spent the day watching The Office and Hoarders….. The Office is one of my all time favorite shows.  I love watching the funny things that happen throughout their work days.  It makes going to work fun.

The weekends here are always so peaceful!!!  Although we didn’t go to the beach this weekend, we enjoyed family time.  I tried two new dishes this weekend.  Saturday was Stir-fry night.  The first batch didn’t come out like I had hoped, but batches two and three were right on the money.  It was good trying new things…. also sticking by my resolve to cook more.

My fitness week is listed below.

Week One
1-1 Pump Challenge Run 3 miles
1-2 Spin 45 min
1-3 Pump Challenge Run 5 miles
1-4 Flow Spin 45 min
1-5 Pump Challenge Run 2 miles
1-6 Hard Core Abs Run 3 miles
1-7 Yoga Run 6 miles

I’m not giving up on Less Mills!!!

Although the first week was not nearly enough working out, I will keep at the program until I see some results.  I’ve figured out the I really have to teak ANY program to fit me in order for that program to work for me.  I have to stop believing the commericals that I can get “The Body that You want” with any of the programs that I buy thinking that I’m buying the magic pill.

There really is no magic pill…. only money down the drain if I don’t use the programs.

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