Best Friend

Who is YOUR enemy?

When asked, Whitney Houston replied… “Me. I’m my worst enemy.”

That got me to thinking…..

It’s true, at times, we ARE our worst enemy.  It’s in the way we speak to ourselves.  It’s in the thoughts that we have about ourselves, the worries that we carry around, the things that we let into our lives, and the people that we refuse to walk away from.  All of these tends to sap our energies.  And it is really not anyone else is doing to us…. it is what we are doing to ourselves…. by worrying about what others are thinking, feeling, saying about us.  When in reality, they may not even be too concerned with what we are doing.

This could stem for being abused in the past. It is a symptom of having to protect yourself from the many things around you that tends to send out negative energy your way.

If a child was repeatly abused in the dark…. even as an adult, when the lights go out…. there tends to be fear.

If a child could not trust adults and authority figures because of past abuse… then even as an adult, distrust of authority figures and the constant “watching your back” is present within every communication with authority.

It’s even worst if one is abused by authority figures as a child, then as an adult… that abuse is played upon by current authority figures. What is the adult-child supposed to do now?

Everywhere you turn there is bad intentions.

No matter what you do.. you’re not good enough.

Your life serves as  a joke to others for enjoyment….. your home, your car, your kids, your weigh, your hair….

Bullies aren’t just in grade school. And bullies don’t understand the effects of their bullying…

It’s long suffering. You question your confidence, your courage, your committment.

The other half of being your “worst enemy” is the ability to become your own “best friend”.  By opening your eyes and seeing the evil that is around you– you have the ability to change your reality. Your life is not another’s joke.

your home, your car, your kids, your weight, your hair… is a gift from God. A blessing. A miracle.  Bullies get joy by causing you to doubt everything that you hold dear. So that when they break down your resistance and you no longer trust who you think that you are….. they can start filling you with what they want you to thing about yourself.

you’re stupid, you’re fat, you’re not fit, no one likes you, you’re not included. it’s your fault. you are the bad one. your house is messy, your dog stinks.. in fact… you stink.

Some tricks they use to get you to see things “their way” are:

*****You have an intense workout session…. then afterwards…. you’re given a piece of candy for your “good work”

****You are consistantly distracted through out your workout sessions with “conversations”

What is the intention? To distract you from your goal…..because if you are to be”not fit”, everything must be done to keep you from getting fit.

To keep you from being who you really are.


Being your best friend means that even on the days that you don’t fell “fit”— reminding youself that you REALLY are fit.

Being your best friend means that even if you fail and get knocked down, understanding that you get back up and you return to being who you are… Fit.. even if it is a year later and you don’t feel it…..

A friend understands that feelings don’t matter.. that people play on your feeling all of the time…

A friend reminds you that no matter what…. if everyone speaks badly about you, and spread negative stories about you…. and even if everyone believes it….The friend know….

It’s bullies…just doing their thing.

I’m no longer my worst enemy………

I am my best friend.