The Apostle

I am currently reading The Apostle.  Since I’m in a Political Thriller type of mood, this one is it.

**** Update****

Still reading the Apostle…. somehow I get that the author is making fun of the current President.  He really keeps stating that the President knows nothing about the Military or Foreign Affairs. And that the President won a landslide victory because of the media…. sounds like something I’ve heard in real life.

What’s up with all the books and T.V and movies and music pushing so kind of agenda? Whose agenda is it? Maybe I should stick to carefree Romance novels???

4 Years

Been Blogging now for four years…. what have I learned in the 4 years?

Life really is stress-free… all the stress that I experienced was self-imposed.  Because really… Either it is or it isn’t.  Either way…. just deal with it. But when you stress about something and then that something doesn’t even come to pass… you have wasted a lot of energy for nothing.

I’ve learned that God is truly AMAZING!!  My faith has been renewed and I continually walk in a miracle.  I’ve come to understand that God is so good. That the Creator of the Universe–knows me by name. He knows all my faults, all my issues, all my fears… and He loves me anyway. I’ve learned that the hurt little girl in me have finally realized “I have an advocate”. My advocate is Christ Jesus.

I’ve come to realize that the space between you and me is really what connects you to me. That what I hate in you … is really what I hate in me. That love REALLY  is the answer. I’ve realized that no matter what—- I am a value and that I don’t ever have to prove myself to anyone… nor do I have to explain myself.  No one deserves that much power over me. You either accept me or you don’t.  There is no law that says that we MUST be in each other’s lives..

I’ve realize that it is easier to bad mouth someone than it is to try to understand someone. We ALL have issues. We ALL need love…. We are ALL sinners saved by Grace.

I don’t regret anything in the last four years.

Skyy is living stress-free…..

Ultimate Yogi


at Videofitness… the Ultimate Yogi is the ultimate crave…. For a while I wanted to start Power Yoga and this program seemed to call out to me… so for the next 108 days; along with LesMills PUMP,  I will pretend that I am an ultimate yogi.

I’m also re-reading Skye’s story.  It has been many moons since I’ve read this book, so I once again reached for it now that I’m back into my historical mood.

My Cardio Coach

Although he really isn’t “mine”, my Cardio Coach took his own life over a week ago.

It was a shock to realize that someone who encouraged so many people, in a moment of sadness, thought that it would be better not to be in this world anymore.

Most  last weekends of the month, a group of fitness friends would do a common workout by my cardio coach. This workout, Press Play, encouraged us to keep reaching for our goals. Not to give up and continue up the hills of life. This last month, I really needed to hear his message again, so I laced up my running shoes and kicked on my treadmill to start my CCPP weekend.  It had encouraged me not to give up.

I will miss him. Although I never met him, his voice rings in my ears.

RIP Sean.

A word from my best friend……


Get one to doubt themselves about anything: their routine, diet, fitness rotations, intentions. Get them to doubt themselves and they will lose sight of who they are.

The seed of doubt is powerful.

If you take in that seed of doubt. It will manifest until it overpowers you.

Don’t question who you are. Don’t doubt your own abilities. Don’t doubt your own potential  don’t let anyone infect you with their doubt, their worries.

The goal of your enemy is to put you off of your path. To distract you from achieving your vision. Distract you from your destiny.

The great evil is that others are really good at throwing distractions your way. You don’t have to accept their seed!! Learn to block others attempt to distract. Learn to block others attempt to pass on to you their issues. Their negativity. Their bad attitude.

Stay Focused on your goal. If those around you are constantly pointing out your flaws. If those around you are constantly pushing bad food towards you. if those around you are constantly pointing out negatives. There is no law that says they must remain in your life.