I came up, out of the water
Raised my hands, up to the father
Gave it all to him that day
Felt a new wind kiss my face
Walked away, eyes wide open
Could finally see where I was going
It didn’t matter where I’d been,
I’m not the same man I was then
I got off track, I made mistakes
Back slid my way into that place,
where souls get lost, lines get crossed
and the pain won’t go away
I hit my knees,
now here I stand
There I was,
now here I am..
Here I am.
I got a lot of “hey I’m sorry”s,
the things I’ve done,
Man that was not me
I wish that I could take it all back,
I just wanna tell ’em that..
tell ’em that
I’ve changed for the better.
More smiles, less bitter..
I’m even starting to forgive myself
I hit my knees,
now here I stand
There I was,
now here I am,
here I am,
here I am
I’m changed.
Yes I am..
I’ve changed for the better
Thank God, I changed.
Rascal Flatts does it again.  Their music touches something deep within my soul.  Changed….
When we get to that place that we realize that we need the Lord, and He changes our hearts, how do we know we are really changed?
We look the same on the outside,
we hold on to the same personalities,
How do we know that we’ve changed?
Matthew 5:14-16 tells us that we are the light of the world.
We’re different from the world. But what makes us different?
Being changed!
When you come to know the Lord and accept the gift that He freely gives to each of us, you become a new person.
Your desires change. Your needs change. Your life changes.
Before the change….
we are bent on doing wrong.
we seek revenge.
we hate.
we do things in the dark with hopes that the light never comes on.
Once we’ve changed.
we see things differently. That light shines into that darkness and reveals how sinful we were.
we never want to go back there again.
The light gives us the power to choose good over evil. The power to love our enemies. The power to stand strong when others want to bring you down.
The Bible tells us that God is Light.
That Light in us,
is God in us.
Change!!! Change!!! Change!!!
If you come up out of the water the same way that you went in….  you’ve only had a bath.
If you come up out of the water and you see the light shine on your once dark life, and it breaks your heart, and you don’t go back to that darkness,
You’re on the path
Thank God, I’ve changed……for the better.
There I was… Now, Here I am…
Here I stand…By the Grace of God…..Changed

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