Fistful of Tears

I like the positive Skyy!! So, it’s been about 2.5 weeks since I removed the chip. I will tell you that things seem brighter.  I’ve still met with some frustrations, however, my new outlook of staying positive have made me not stress out on the small things. My happy pill seems to be daily devotions and running (fitness). It keeps my mind too busy to worry about what others may or may not think about me.

I do find a challenge working with so many different personalities.  If I want people to accept me for who I am, I must be will to accept people for who they are. Many times this last week, I’ve had to remind myself that I just need to chill and not take things too personally.  That seemed to get me through.  Life really isn’t as bad as I had expected it to be.

Fistful of Tears…..

This song has spoken deep into my soul.
I don’t really know what the writers meant when they penned it, but to me it has a spiritual message to it.

Imagine that you are speaking to yourself—-(or imagine that God is speaking to you) saying….

“I go insane….crazy sometimes…trying to keep you from losing your mind…open your eyes…see what’s in front of your face….save me my fistful of tears.”

**in the end…. God will wipe away our tears…**
He wins.. so we really don’t need to fight with ourselves.
We don’t need to lose our minds.

Maxwell says to “open your eyes..see what’s in front of your face.”
at the same time it shows the teleprompter with french writing:

rester en place
toutes choses se
reglerons, nous le
sentirons soulever
et serons au-dela de
cette malediction
ne le lache pas, ne le lache pas

stay in place. All things settle, we feel. Raise and (you) will be beyond the this curse. do not lose(your grip), do not lose(your grip).

That is what was in front of your face–when he said it in the song.
He said… we can make it disappear… all we have to do is raise up, face up, stay up.
and it is true… Turn to God. and stay up… it all will disappear.

This song really touched my heart… even if how I perceived it wasn’t his intent when he sang it, I got it. and it was a word for me.