Another Maxwell mystery. What do you suppose that he is talking about in this video??

I say.. one word…. EGO!
It’s our ego that pulls us and keeps us down. We are offended because our egos are bruised. We hate because our egos are offended.

It is always there. it’s in our 5 senses: what we see, hear, touch, taste, feel….



A very restful weekend. Thanksgiving. A time to reflect on the things that I am thankful for. I am so thankful for the Love of God! I am thankful of the blessings that God has given.

I am thankful for the friends that I have been able to meet since moving here. I am thankful for my family and how well the kids are doing.

I am thankful that I have overcome.

Anna is doing well… she’s into airplanes and loves to go flying!!  She truly is a mini-me!


Completed another hike this a.m. A little over 4 miles.  Total calorie burn was just over 2500!!  Not bad.  This has been a good fitness week as well.  I now have a heavy bag to punch at when I am feeling stressed.  I actually spent 15 min last night punching and when I was done…. I felt much better.

Nugget of thought for this week:

To be a friend… you must be friendly.

It is strange that I have a group of people that I hang out with. We all come from different backgrounds but are drawn together by a common interest… hiking.  It gives us the opportunity to just talk and work through things.   I realize that you have to allow others to be who they are, if you expect others to let you be you.  It’s like backing out of the picture and watching yourself interact with others…..  Ask yourself, would you want to hang out with you?

I have developed this tolerance that I believe could be the beginning of brotherly love. Allowing others to be who they are… If there is something that irritates me.. I back away for a bit.  Taking a break…..

Taking a break…. from Facebook…from attitudes….. from chips on the shoulders…. Just enjoying life. and living stress free.

Wonder if this program will get my arms toned……..




Mon….Turbo Barre
Tues….Body Max 2
Wed…..Hiit 30/30 plus Ab circuits: Weights and Plates
Thurs….Cardio Kicks
Fri….Pyramid Upper Body
Sat….Pyramid Lower Body plus a 30 minute steady state run

This upcoming week, I will turn to Cathe.

I will start with a 3.2 hills run in the morning then pull my Cathe DVD after work.

After attending the ZumbaNation Pink party a few weeks ago, I decided to buy a Zumba DVD.  I will finally pull it out and dance around my book room and see how that goes.

I need to get in a spinning class as well.


Monday:   turbo barre/ 3.2 miles hill run

Tuesday:  BodyMax 2/ yoga

Wednesday:  Hiit 30/30 plus Ab circuits: Weights and Plates

Thursday:  Cardio Kicks

Friday:  Pyramid Upper Body/Spinning Class

Saturday:  Pyramid Lower Body plus a 30 minute steady state run

Sunday:  Zumba


Facebook Free

It’s that time again.  The time to give up Facebook for a short time in order to accomplish things have have not been getting done due to constantly checking in and reading messages.

So… what have I done without Facebook this past week?

Relaxed.  No reaching for the phone every time I hear the bing. No answering messages when I should be asleep. It is nice.  I’m not sure if I will activate my account again.  It feels good not to be so connected.

Work is good.  Learning a new skill seems to be a little challenging as I age, but I will not let it conquer me. I am getting along better with others since I’ve removed the chip from my shoulder.  No more ups and downs, it has been balanced.  Now… balanced does not necessarily means boring……   I do sometimes miss my old attitude. 🙂

Fitness wise… I worked out 3 days this week…that’s  something right???