Facebook Free

It’s that time again.  The time to give up Facebook for a short time in order to accomplish things have have not been getting done due to constantly checking in and reading messages.

So… what have I done without Facebook this past week?

Relaxed.  No reaching for the phone every time I hear the bing. No answering messages when I should be asleep. It is nice.  I’m not sure if I will activate my account again.  It feels good not to be so connected.

Work is good.  Learning a new skill seems to be a little challenging as I age, but I will not let it conquer me. I am getting along better with others since I’ve removed the chip from my shoulder.  No more ups and downs, it has been balanced.  Now… balanced does not necessarily means boring……   I do sometimes miss my old attitude. 🙂

Fitness wise… I worked out 3 days this week…that’s  something right???

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