My life,

I sit across from you and wonder..
what are your thoughts..
if I told you what was on my mind
would you be lost
lost in a fantasy, destined to never be
lost in a reality that may not include me
or would you take a chance…..
and breathe
and finally let it go…
reach out…for once…into an unknown
and discover a place where water flows,
where music fills the soul
where hanging on…brings more sensations..
Than letting go…
Where breathing in….. then breathing out..
Brings a place that turns your world inside out.
Where inside out… feels right
where those waves would last all night…
until that music turns into light.
You’ve been there…..

i hear the things you refuse to say
you hide behind your silence
but that does not hide it…
don’t hide the beautiful words might as well try it….
Say what you have to say..
The words are destined to fade away
But the feelings will remain