Well… the end of another year.  Time for reflections and New Year’s Resolutions.

So… where should I start?  2012 has been a pretty good year.  More good, than bad has happened this year!  The surprise Promotion, the weight gain, the weight loss.. Hubby and I are as closer than ever!  Anna is getting bigger and bigger.  She is so smart that it’s amazing. I am constantly amazed at the things that she says and understands at 3 years old.

At the end of the day… you have to do what makes you happy

What made me happy in 2012:

Researching… spent many hours researching religion, spirituality, and the Bible

Reading…. Read many different types of books this year…by far my favorite are the Luke’s Light books by Gott.  My least favorite series was the 50 shades of grey.  I know that everyone really liked this books, however, I have yet to make it through them all.  I find that I like to read books about the Civil War, Jewish History, mysteries, and of course Romance.  Favorite authors: Robin Cook, Iris Johansen, Jean M. Auel, Diana Gabaldon, and Lisa Gardner. I wonder if I can really read all the books in my library!!  It would be so nice…..

T.V… some of the T.V series that I’ve fallen for this year…. LOST!!  Yes it’s old and no longer on the air, but this by far has been my favorite since the FRIENDS series.  I’m still working my way through “The Gilmore Girls” and “24” Box set on DVD. I’m in love with the show “How I met your mother”.

Fitness:  New fitness purchases this year… LES MILLS PUMP, THE ULTIMATE  YOGI, ZUMBA EXHILARATE and ATLETICA– not forgetting that I have Cathe’s new series on the way as we speak.  So, I’m set with the programs, just need to keep putting the DVD into the DVD player and push play.  But still my favorite type of exercise is running.  My treadmill put in many miles in 2012!  I’ve added another Elliptical trainer and bounce between the treadmill, the elliptical trainer and the Spin bike.  I really need to focus!!!   I’m just blessed that I have the tools that I need to get back into shape…. and I will get back into shape!

Sewing:  I haven’t made not one outfit this year!!  😦  Little bummed about that, but there is always tomorrow… right?

Cooking more:  No comment….. (but more than 2011…)

So… what does 2013 look like???

It looks like 2012 only better! Brighter! Happier! Healthier!   It’s all good.

In 2012, I learned that no one can stop the hand of God! Even I couldn’t get in my own way to stop a blessing. I learned that not everyone will like me… Hell… everyone may even hate me… but as long as I love myself…. I’m good.

No doubt…no regrets….no manipulations…. no high expectations….

Life…. IS….

I… AM (by the Grace of God)

Bring on 2013

More living….more laughing… more loving