***2013**** Dance with me….

2013!!  I declare is the Year of Excellence!  I have been in such a good mood that It’s not funny.

My hubby says that imitation is the highest form of flattery.  But I don’t know.  Why would someone want to copy me? Why do people do things to get my attention? Is it because they love me? or because they hate me? I honestly do not know why someone would use my words or my phrases knowing that I would catch on.

..Or.. is that the purpose? To have me catch on?  It baffles my mind why people can’t be themselves.  Granted, I would love everyone on earth to be just like me. Everyone who reads the same books, dress the same way, love the same things, think the same thoughts as me. But I am realistic, I know everyone is different.

I have issues…. and I am totally fine with those issues. But it seems that people who have issues with me… continue to do little things that they perceive would sting me. It’s really funny when you think of it.

Who am I, that anyone should waste any energy in trying to upset me?

sending Facebook requests… using tag phrases from my blog… pretending that me not showing up to an event is the reason why friendships end…. OK

So while you are stewing about my perceived sins… my perceived flaws… my perceived issues…. don’t waste too much energy on trying to piss me off….. because I’m laughing.

I’m laughing…..

and thanking you… because that’s what I do… live, laugh, love…..and my wish is that everyone would do the same.



Skyy….lives, laughs, loves.

Don’t hate me……. Come on……. Dance with me.