I’ve figured you out!

IMG_2530I’ve figured It out… The reason you can’t let go.

I’ve figured out the reason that you hate me so.

It’s not because of how I look, or what I do or say

now I see…..

it’s because you fell into that trap you tried to set for me.

and you’re angry…. because the rumors your tried to spread about me, was realized in you.  for all to see. I wasn’t the one with a loose morality.

When others saw something good in me, you tried to out shine. You used the only thing you thought was valued….but they passed you around like a dirty dime.

you couldn’t see what others could see…..you were used….

and you blamed me???

There’s something inside of you that needs to be healed. You’re dead inside and in order to feel…… you have to lash out to the one you couldn’t impress. The one who looks beyond the hair cut and fake smile.  The one who sees that hurt child residing inside.

You can’t impress me… with your sick, twisted mind. what you have is sooooo tainted and rotten inside….

Why would I EVER want to live your life?

You think to keep my attention, means that you are foremost in my mind? That when I think of you I feel bad inside? You send me messages when you think that I’m having a hard time? When I’m down on myself, and feel that I’m loosing my mind? You think that links you, if I feel bad inside?

No… when and if I think of you ….It’s closer to pity that I may feel

….and I pray that God would turn your mind right.

You have nothing I want…. Nothing I desire to get.  Thoughts of you DO NOT bring me regret.

I’ve figured you out, and why you can’t let me go…..

Unlike you…I’m not a ho….

Unlike you….I don’t give a Sh-t!

I don’t care if you think about me… I don’t care what you do..

I could care less…If today was my last day to see you.

I wouldn’t try to contact you… I wouldn’t send you messages…. I wouldn’t recruit others to seek out my revenge…. I wouldn’t waste the energy to find out what you’re up to… I wouldn’t create new profiles to stalk you…. I definitely wouldn’t try to pattern my life after  YOU.

Don’t you GET IT????  It’s easy to spot your MINIONS…. they look JUST LIKE YOU…..

WHO are you if you’re trying to be like SOMEONE ELSE?

Do you even know who you are?

THIS post IS for you…. read it at your leisure….. then do what you do….. pretend you didn’t see it. Pretend you don’t know that I’m talking  about you … Pretend I’ve lost my mind. Pretend that you are perfect and clean inside. Pretend you don’t know what EVERYONE else has already know…. You’re F–king Psycho!!!

Seriously… Get a LIFE…. try your own for a change…….

This is what I’ve figured out…… YOU don’t even like you!!