Cardio report:

Cardio report for the last few days….  after the workout, I do some type of strength training or upper body work doing MMA boxing with a heavy bag.  This has greatly improved my mood and taken off any daily stress that I may have.

I’m starting to see some results:  although I still have a gut… it’s getting smaller. Cardio always makes me sleep better and eat less in the evening.  My goal was to run 3 miles at least 3 times a week, and I think that I’ve met that goal.  Now time to ramp it up to 4 miles at least 3 times a week.

I have Cathe’s new workout series but I don’t really want to start the strength training portion until I burn the fat off.  Then I will start toning up.  I know that you can do both, but the results may be slower and my goal is to burn the fat then feed the muscle.


1-1-13:  4 miles 56:42  565 calories

1-2-13: 2 miles 30:01 min 264 calories; 1.4 miles 20:09 min 195 calories; 25 min elliptical trainer 221 calories; .9 miles

1-3-13: 2.04 miles; 30.16 min 276 calories; 3.5 miles 51..:48 min 443 calories

1-4-13: 1.2 miles 16:11 min 154 calories; 20 min elliptical trainer 182 calories

1-5-13: 6.2 miles 765 calories 100 min

1-7-13: 3.4 miles 45 min 482 calories

1-8-13: 3.4 miles 45:08 min 484 calories

1-9-13: 4.5 miles 60 min 641 calories

1-11-13: 4.3 miles 55 min 619 calories; 2.5 miles 35 min 331 calories; 20 min elliptical trainer 160 calories

Sewing:  So, since I’m on vacation for a minute, I will have time to pull down the sewing machine and stitch something up!!  First time in over 2 years… OH WATCH OUT NOW!!!

Photo on 12-16-12 at 7.29 PM