Uniquely…. Unique


Vacations are always a wonderful way to get grounded and reevaluate all of the going ons..  There is nothing better than waking up, working out, shopping, reading, relaxing, cooking, sewing and working out a 2nd time for the day. I really needed to get away from the office!!  Really… the daily runs have really helped me to center.  During those runs, I have been able to reflect on living, laughing, and loving.

Living means to be.  Be who you are.  Like who you are. Do what you do. and be at peace.

When you find that you are not at peace, it is aways good to look around and see what is going on.  Who is it that is irritating you?  And realize that what is irritating you  needs to be dealt with. I’ve realized that it is easy to forget certain people. Just walk away.  I will never be able to save someone, I have to be able to save myself. Saving myself means to listen to my inner voice. Many times I just don’t listen, and I find myself in the same place year after year.  That place is not necessarily bad– doing good deeds and uplifting others should never be bad.  It only gets bad when you neglect yourself for the sake of someone else.

There are some people out there, whose sole purpose is to disrupt your life.  Do anything to distract you. To throw you off your game. And these people get a high by doing it. Plant a seed of doubt. Start a rumor. Make you feel “no good”.  There are some people who take pleasure in harassing others.  Back in the day….we called them “two-faced”.  The face that they show you, then the face that they show to others— laughing at you. There are people who tell the world that you’ve done them wrong….. yet refused to tell the world what THEY have done to you. They play the victim when in reality they are the bully. They say… “Don’t judge me..” and “..you’re wrong for judging me” but don’t tell you that  they were asked time and time again, to stop telling their business….. Because you don’t agree with what they are doing. They say…. “oh… she’s crazy… Hot and cold” but they don’t tell you the things that were done to create the hot and to create the cold.

Running… has made me realize that LET CRAZY… BE CRAZY…..and realize that the reason why people try to control me, is because If I think to highly of myself… and succeed.  I’ve proven myself. and can’t be affected by their manipulations.  But if they can make me doubt my abilities and my sanity, then they have me right where they want me —Dancing to their tunes.

God is so good. God is so good.  Skyy has her own issues….but Skyy is living her SkyyLife.  And deep, deep, deep down inside…. I know that I’m OK. Nothing anyone can do, or say to me will make me think otherwise. Because God is so good. And He has been with me for so long. Through the fire, through the rain, through the sunny days, through the rainy days.  God is so Good!!

Photo on 1-18-13 at 11.29 AM