Today I did a redesign for Anna… Problem is, she really doesn’t like to wear blue!!!  It was good practice.

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She requested something pink with flowers!!! This is going to be fun!!

It was hard getting back into it.  I hadn’t pulled the sewing machine out in over 2 years, so things moved slowly at first.  I had to re-teach myself how to thread the serger.  I almost gave up twice, before I calmed down and followed the instructions. I believe that the hardest part of this is to size the pattern before cutting out the material. Once you make that cut, it is hard to go back.

So.. how do I feel bringing out the machine?  It felt wonderful! I have Project Runway playing in the background and patterns all over the room, but I’m comfortable. I’m back in my element.  When I sew, I think of my grandmother who tried to teach me at 15. But you know 15-year olds, that was for older people.  Yea Right.  I should have listened to my Granny…. Today was a good day. I feel great!

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