Cardio Report

The latest on the cardio front.  So, down 7 lbs. So 7 lbs in a little over a month. Not bad….actually….really good!!!  I’m so happy that I am seeing results so quickly.  Running has always slimmed my thighs. It’s my go-to exercise when I want to get into shape quickly.  I’ve noticed that I took more rest days this time around.  I’m not sure which method I like better– running daily, or running harder and resting a day or two in between.  Both ways work for me so I won’t stress it too much.

Now…I’ve discovered that MMA has helped my mood by leaps and bounds!!  It’s really fun to put the boxing gloves on and aim at the heavy bag!! Hubby knew exactly what he was doing when he brought that item home for me!! I have never felt better!  Happiness has returned. Just by living my SkyyLife!!

1-14-13:  3.2 miles, 45:34 min, 456 calories

1-15-13:  3.5 miles, 42:48 min, 482 miles

1-17-13: 4 miles, 51:14 min, 568 calories;2.3 miles, 30 min, 326 calories; 16 min EFX, 120 calories

1-19-13: 4.1 miles, 50:19 min, 554 calories; 30 min EFX, 205 calories

1-21-13: 4.1 miles, 53:37 min, 531 calories

1-23-13: 2.5 miles, 30:24 min, 342 calories; 30 min EFX 290 calories

1-27-13: 2.3 miles, 30 min, 326 calories

1-28-13: 2.6 miles, 34 min, 342 calories

1-29-13: 2.3 miles, 31:45 min, 310 calories; 20 min EFX, 145 calories