Our Inner Conflicts

So… every once in a while a book comes into my life that helps me to turn on the light.  This book has done just that!  It’s been said many times that your subconscious controls your daily life. Your pattens of thoughts, your behaviors, your reactions to others are rooted in what is held in your subconscious.

Neurosis’ are created very early on in life. The little child who feels alone in the world and may not understand the moods and issues of those appointed over them, may start to internalize the fears that are created by not feeling secure and/or loved. You may not even be aware of some of the neurosis that are present in your life! It’s a “blind side”!  But you better believe that others who know you and watch your behaviors, see those inner conflicts that you may not be aware of! There are some people who are very good at creating neurosis in you if you are not aware!

How can one see your inner conflicts? By looking at your contradictions in life. They find your weak spot, then play on it. and try to make you hate yourself. They stand back and watch!! Anything can create a neurosis in someone who is prone to a particular issue.

Example:  You have so fitness minded yet you don’t work out!  There is an inner conflict.  You know you should work out- but you don’t.  So an evil person (a dark heart), will see that conflict and play on it.  They will distract you from working out or sabotage your current workouts so that you don’t see progress.  Your inner conflict will get bigger, and you will start to hate yourself for not doing what you know you should be doing.

Some people are very good bringing out inner conflicts in others!!

But the Bible tells another story!!!!!

It tells us to guard our hearts because from it springs issues of life. Those issues (inner conflicts) comes from all around us!!  T.V, news, music, books, movies, and evil people who plays on others insecurities. How does music bring out neurosis??  Say you never felt loved as a child, and you hear sad songs…… They say so much…..  It connects to the neurosis of not feeling loved as a child and makes you act as you are not loved. Sad songs keeps bringing the inner conflict up.  If you haven’t dealt with it, you are never free from it.

Another example:  You felt abandoned as a child and lonely.  Evil people will exclude you from the group in order to make you feel abandon yet again, because the evil people has seen what you can’t see…. that inner conflict… once you feel abandon again, you act in such a way to gain acceptance from the group.

But Glory be to God, because the Bible tells us that once we are in Christ Jesus, we ARE new!!! Old things have passed away…. Let go of the old inner conflicts and embrace the new man the neurosis is the OLD MAN—-that old man was controlled by the world… what he/she heard and saw and understood about themselves prior to coming to the knowledge of Christ Jesus.  The NEW MAN is your soul not being held down by the neurosis created by others within you.  The HOLY SPIRIT within you, frees you from the weight of the world!!  From the weight of the inner conflicts!!!!

Paul talked about it!!   The things that he wanted to do, he didn’t do… he did the things that he hated to do!!!  He is describing the old man in him….. but thanks be to God, he was changed!!!

The Gospel of Thomas tells us not to do what we hate, because heaven is watching us…. when we do what we hate, we create neurosis!!!  That negative, aggressive, critical voice inside your head that tells you that you are not good, that you can’t amount to anything, that you are not loved– is  a neurosis that Jesus said—– “come out of him!!!”  Jesus freed many who were sick!  Thanks be to God.  I am Free!!!!   I am Free!!!