“A love story, a mystery, a fantasy, a novel of self-discovery, a dystopia to rival George Orwell’s — 1Q84 is a tremendous feat of imagination from one of our most revered writers.”

Time to take this book off of the TBR list and open up the pages! One chapter into it and I knew that this was my kind of book.  I felt that I was sitting next to Aomane in the taxi.  When the taxi driver said to her, “look over there.  See the turnout just ahead?”  I swear that I saw a turnout just ahead!!!  Ha.. Ha… Then he says ” The Metropolitan Expressway Public Corporation is famous for having a huge staff but nobody really doing any work.”  Ha….ha…

I do look forward to reading this book.  I already know that I am going to really like it. It has 1157 pages and ends with the word Sky… how could I NOT want to read it??

Fitness:  On tap for tomorrow’s workout is a 7 mile run and workout 1 of ZCUT.   If I’m not too tired, I will put in a Cathe……

Enjoying SkyyLife…….

Lesson from a milk cup

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Just like lessons.

The scene:  It’s breakfast time and the toddler wants a bowl of cereal.  So you pour the cereal into the bowl and then pour the milk into the bowl.  Then you put the milk back into the fridge.  You leave the room for 30 seconds.  In that time, the toddler had decided to help herself to more milk and goes into the fridge and grabs the milk carton.  You walk into the room just in time to stop the toddler from spilling the carton of milk onto the table. You’ve just by-passed a big mess.  You’ve just saved yourself from crying over that spilled milk. You feel good.  You leave the room.  Not less than 2 minutes pass and you hear….. “Mom….I just spilled some milk.”  You return to the room to find the toddler had tried to pour the left over milk in the bowl to a small cup that had at one point, juice in it. The milk had indeed spilled onto the table.

The lesson:  What’s meant to happen, will happen regardless of interference from you. You try to control the situations in your life by changing the circumstances, and wonder why the outcomes are the same….what happens is what was meant to happen.  That milk was meant to be spilled.  I had just delayed the process.  The same can be applied to life.  There are things that you cannot control.  Things that will happen regardless of your interference, and your desire to control. So there really is no reason to carry around such things as: worry and fear…..  It’s wasted emotion, wasted energy.  Really, it just attracts the same type of energy to you… If you understand what happens is supposed to happen then what is there to fear??  If you live by faith, what is there to worry about?

my nugget of truth for today…… Let it Be…. Oh…just let it Be.  Whisper words of wisdom, let it be….



Like clockwork…the contacts continue.. But that’s OK… I no longer chase shadows.

It is well with my soul…..

It is well in my home….

I guess that this is what it means to be in Christ… the ability to love from a distance and to keep smiling….


She had the right idea!!  To dance in a field of flowers, breathing in the sweet, sweet smells… sending out loving feelings to all who cling to revenge…Life is too beautiful to waste one second sinking in muck, in doubts, in regrets.

It is well with my soul… It is well… I am whole….that gremlin has gone somewhere else.  I’m smiling…….



Happy Days

It is so hard getting back to work after a few weeks off to relax.  But it felt good to go back and see that I had been missed.  I do wonder why this job seems so time consuming.  It’s different here, because although the job itself is not too difficult- you see the same type of scenarios everyday- it just seems that everything is an emergency that needs an answer at the drop of a dime.  Is it management?  Maybe time management.  I wonder if everyone’s job is all consuming.  What’s odd is, if I spend too much time at home, I feel that I should be doing something…… what is that?

when I was young, my motto was:  If you don’t work–you don’t eat…and I like to eat so I worked!

Wonder if that has something to do with me now always look towards something to keep busy.

I have to find a way to make this job what it should be…. rewarding, not too stressful, and able to leave work at work.

Cardio wise:  Things are going great… it’s time to add weight back into my routine.  I have found some really good dancing type workouts on YouTube that I can stream through the AppleTV and watch in SkyyLounge.  I can also watch movies from my computer streamed through Air Video.  It’s amazing what can be done with technology!!

Well…. things are good and flowing….. life really is stress-free.  The gremlin in me is quiet and at peace!!