Happy Days

It is so hard getting back to work after a few weeks off to relax.  But it felt good to go back and see that I had been missed.  I do wonder why this job seems so time consuming.  It’s different here, because although the job itself is not too difficult- you see the same type of scenarios everyday- it just seems that everything is an emergency that needs an answer at the drop of a dime.  Is it management?  Maybe time management.  I wonder if everyone’s job is all consuming.  What’s odd is, if I spend too much time at home, I feel that I should be doing something…… what is that?

when I was young, my motto was:  If you don’t work–you don’t eat…and I like to eat so I worked!

Wonder if that has something to do with me now always look towards something to keep busy.

I have to find a way to make this job what it should be…. rewarding, not too stressful, and able to leave work at work.

Cardio wise:  Things are going great… it’s time to add weight back into my routine.  I have found some really good dancing type workouts on YouTube that I can stream through the AppleTV and watch in SkyyLounge.  I can also watch movies from my computer streamed through Air Video.  It’s amazing what can be done with technology!!

Well…. things are good and flowing….. life really is stress-free.  The gremlin in me is quiet and at peace!!