Peaceful in Paradise

Photo on 3-2-13 at 11.44 AM #2It’s been a month since last update…… Things are peaceful in Paradise… Got off the fitness cycle somewhat because of a cold, now just need to jump back into it!!  Still getting in 3 days a week, but my mileage is way down.

Been doing things that relaxes me…. I am trying my hand at designing patterns for dressmaking.  So far.. so good.  I always seem to be inspired when “Project Runway” is playing.  It is so amazing the different outfits that are produced in such a short time!!  I’ve drafted a front and back sloper as a basis for my designs.  It’s fun just following the designers from the show.

Another thing that I’ve been doing is reading!!!  I’ve caught the “reading bug” and it’s great.  Currently I’m still working through 1Q84 and I’ve added “The God Problem” by Howard Bloom.  Although I don’t agree with him, I like his writing style.

I’ve completed the novel “Beautiful Disaster”.  It was OK.  The reviews made it seems really emotional, but it really didn’t touch my emotions.  It was, however, a quick read.

So…still peaceful in paradise……