Interesting twist of events.  To now work with someone who displays some of the negative traits that I once walked around with – but decided to let go and move on.  It is so easy to see a behavioral trait that I once had and watch other people’s reaction to it, to finally understand what effects that trait had on others around me.

People enter your life and some serve as mirrors that reflect the things that you never really want to acknowledge about yourself. I watch this new worker and reflect….. THIS is what I was projecting on to others. THIS attitude is what others reacted against that I couldn’t see.  THIS attitude is not professional and tears down teams.

I see it and I may be the best person to help the new worker change the negative trait—- because I have changed that negative trait.  And my job is much better for it.  But how to reach this worker??? How to help the worker break down walls that he/she may not know exist??  I’m up for the challenge! This week, I realize that I am stronger than I originally thought. Thanks be to God through Christ Jesus….

Wanted to add something about a weird situation:  It is so strange that someone would get so offended by something that had nothing to do with them.  And then to hold a bitterness in their heart for months when in reality that bitterness stems from their own guilt.  The guilt that their negative actions/ intentions were found out before any real damage could be done or any real relationship could be developed.  I am a really good judge of character when it comes to who I keep in my life and who I chose to walk away from– and I am right for the most part.  With this person, I saw their intention before I had any investment in any type of relationship and I backed away.  This person walks around with offense and bitterness— and all about something that had nothing to do with them!!  It is so transparent.  The guilt of the negative actions that was stalled before any damage could be done is what is keeping this person from approaching me.  This person KNOWS that I KNOW and can’t face me.  Yet I really don’t care!  That is why I walked away in the first place– I don’t want to have to deal with that type of person ever again!

In life, you will not aways get along with others.  You will meet people who you don’t want to deal with.  When I meet people who I don’t want to deal with— I walk away! Any offense that they may feel about me walking away is regret that they didn’t have the chance to walk away first.  But no matter who walks away first, the end result is what is really important.  We are not in each other’s lives. And that’s what is important!

We are called to Peace…. and to maintain my peace… I walk away from others that add no value to my life. And I am happier for it.

Photo on 4-26-13 at 6.58 PM