Fitness Files

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Still logging miles. Just haven’t written about my fitness goals lately.

Although it seems that I have to workout a little harder these days to get the same results that I’ve gotten in the past, working out is still my therapy of choice!!  And my favorite gym equipment???  The treadmill….. The elliptical comes in 2nd and the spinning bike rounds out 3rd.

Some “new” workouts that I’ve been into has been: MMA boxing, Kettlebells, and Tracy Anderson.  I’m just looking for new workouts that will keep my attention and help me to maintain my love of working out.

I still have an unusually high percent of bodyfat in my upper arms area.  That just means I have to cut back on the sugar.  when I take in too much sugar, you see it in my upper body.  A curse of having insulin resistance.  But manageable!



Finished this one within a week of its release. I’m still undecided if I liked it. It was not what I was expecting it to be… I thought that he was going to reveal so secrets in the book.  Something to do with numbers (Phi) and geometry (scared).  But none of it.  I then thought that the way it was written was a type of explanation of how things are not what they seem.  We can see an event happen, and it may look like we understand that event, but when it is all said and done, things are not what they appear to be.

You think that the book is going one way, and you are constantly told that what you know, you really don’t know.  Dan Brown is a genius!!  I will have to wait and read some more reviews and see what secrets are eventually  revealed.


I have finally picked up his book the Lost Symbol… so far this one is good.  Thoughts are things that generate outside of us that causes physical changes in our world.—- interesting!!!