Reading others…

So, if someone ask you about your interest, what does it mean when they try to “test” your knowledge in the area of your interest?  I will never understand others!

“I like to read.”

“You read??”

LOL… apparently, not very well!!  I should have been able to read your intentions when you started the conversation……

Probably to see if I was lying about knowing anything about my interest. Who knows…. I know that I am really getting tired of communications with others that may or may not have ill will.

“You’re interested in THAT?”  Well…..Yeah, I am

I think that I am going to learn about sarcasm.  When someone says something that puts me on edge, I will laugh it off with sarcasm.

“You read??”

“I KNOW, RIGHT? It’s sooooooo hard getting past those pesky three letter words!!!”

Anyway…. I’m going to go and read a picture book now…… Later!

Photo on 6-26-13 at 6.00 PM