Perfecting the shorts

Photo on 7-28-13 at 8.44 AM

I’ve finally made a shorts pattern block that fits. This pair is from the 4th practice pattern block.  Now that I have the fit just the way that I like it, I can move on to making slacks.  I can also start adjusting the design features… create new style lines, add different details.


Picking up this “sewing habit” has brought great rewards as far as my mental health is concerned. I’ve rediscovered a passion that keeps my mind “busy” and helps me to take myself out of my “mind” and just “BE”.  Plus, I get a few pairs of shorts out of the deal.  In the end, it’s about loving the life that I live, and living the life that I love. Coming to that realization has brought me peace.

I don’t have to keep searching for “answers.”  I don’t have to keep “figuring others out”.  I can just BE.  If I don’t like something that I have the power to change, I CHANGE.  If I don’t have the power to change it, I just “Get By” until the situation changes…. and it will…. and take myself out of my own head.

I have plenty to be thankful for…. and I am thankful.  I can’t change who I am, nor do I want to change who I am.  I have learned to leave others alone to be who they are. And I protect myself from negative influences.  Then negative is always around, I just don’t have to entertain it in my life.

God is truly Good.

Fitness wise….. I still like working out.  I don’t try to kill myself and I realize that it really is about what you are eating…. For me.. I have to lay down the sugar otherwise I will not see big gains. If I don’t lay the sugar down, I don’t beat myself up for not loosing at the rate that I would like to loose.  I run for mental clarity and I lift to keep my bones strong. I would love to loose that 50lbs, but that will keeps getting into the way…… in the mean time, I live the life that I love, and I love the life that I live.

Photo on 7-6-13 at 8.59 AM