I am so honored that others think that I am someone to pattern their lives and thoughts after.  Hatred is like a disease, passed from one person to another person by a simple spread of a rumor, a neglected acknowledgment, or by sadness that their evil cannot reach their hated one. and it hasn’t. There is a circle of protection around me

I live my life with a smile on my face. I look at myself, and I am happy… granted, I could stand to lose a few pounds, dress my age, not be too sensitive, do the laundry more……… no matter my flaws, I always encounter others that wants to be like me.

It’s funny really.  I just look up and laugh. My path is my own. I love the life that I live, and I live the life that I love. Others see it, and they want to take the smile off of my face. It’s not going to happen.  We all live, we all laugh, we all love. But do you love yourself?

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when you imitate me, you’ve answered the question.


No you don’t love yourself.

You love me.

By continuing to spread the hate, to spread the lies, to pass on your anger— it lets me know, that you are still fascinated with me.  And everyone you infect, becomes fascinated with me too.

and me???

I live, I laugh, I love…….. yes.. even you.

Today confirmed that I’m on the right path. Keep your eyes on me……. 🙂

Chip-free anniversary

Chip-free anniversary

It has been 1 year without that pesky chip on my shoulder.

What have I learned in the last year?

I am OK and you are OK.

People will try to make me put that chip back onto my shoulder, but I just overlook them.

I continue to dance and live my life and be who I am.  I continue to walk away from those who do not have the same visions that I have.

This chip free year has been good.

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