time heals

just the right time to type this out…..

I will put a chip back onto my shoulder one last time to speak my mind.  It’s so…… funny…. what a year’s time will reveal!  A bully no longer included in the fun.  Once creating outcasts has become the outcasted one. Wondering why….. It’s funny… I laugh every time I think on it!

What time has revealed??  Another dark soul, another one wasted in negative energy– and I saw it before it came to light for others to see.  I called it what it was and didn’t give it the opportunity to affect me and my happiness…. I have learned.  I let crazy be crazy and I move on….. Time reveals crazy— now others see it too.

This blog is for my musings– my inner thoughts to myself… my form of releasing the energy trapped within me that screams to come out… whether positive or negative. I will not stop being who I am… I will not change my stand… I am a good person.. I like who I am.  I don’t dress for anyone else, I don’t model my life after anyone else. I am me.

weird, crazy, fat, lazy, funny, loving, …. so many more adjectives that describes me…. and I LOVE ME….

All my haters… all the players… keep stepping! because time heals all wounds… time reveals all that is hidden…..

the outcast creator… is outcasted….. it doesn’t get more funny than that…..

See the smile on my face??

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Live, laugh, love baby……. live, laugh, love…..

all the times that I was manipulated into thinking that there was anything wrong with me…. that I was too fat, too messy, too anything… was wasted time, wasted thoughts, wasted energy…. it was me giving power to others that didn’t deserve another thought. It was me doubting that I could be, do anything that I wanted.  We all have the right to a happy life… no one has the right to make another person feel anything that person doesn’t feel on their own.

But some people think that it is their place to call someone “weird”, to get in the middle of something that they know nothing about.  and now…. time has revealed that they too are in a dark place……. outcast….

You owe me an apology…. whether you give or not…. I don’t care… but we all know the truth!!!

There is nothing wrong with me……… just like once you come to understand light and darkness, there will be nothing wrong with you….. stay in the light…. oh yeah…