6 degrees of separation

full circle

I’ve come to understand this thing called “network” or “spider”.  When you upset a group of people, that group could have links in other places that you go.  They use those links to continue the harassments.

When someone keeps saying “six degrees of separation” when they are around you, it means they are trying to tell you something.  They are trying to make you believe that they know you, through someone who they know.  That they know something about you that you don’t think that they would know— because in your mind, they know nothing about you.

Links are everywhere:  Say that you mess with someone who is a practicing Witch. Someone who is into witchcraft.

That Witch will have their links (other witches) aid in the harassment of the target (me).

Say that others practice a lifestyle of swapping spouses with each other. The husband would agree with the lover to be absent so that the dime could spend time with the lover – while the husband spends time with another dime…… and you say what’s going on out in the open…..

other swingers will get their links to aid in the harassment of the target (me).

When no clear link is known….. you establish a link by recruiting new people to continue the harassments.

The links could be anyone: Your kids– who spends so much time and energy on bring disruptions to the life of your happy ex-husband. neighbors who are also witches to anonymously disrupt for your cause; co-workers that continually try to be mediocre rating in an attempt for you not to advance to the next pay grade.

Well…. here’s news for the witches and the warlords; the dark hearted old co-workers and the current links.

There is a circle of protection surrounding me. There’s a Most High God that reaches out to me.  I gain and lose weight on my own account, I live the life that I want to… I am soooo happy that each of you have entered my life…

You’ve set me on a path of observation. A path of not just knowing God… but living God. A path of re-balance and of acceptance.

I truly had to go through darkness to see the light…..and to now I live the life

The Most High God…. Reigns!!