Goddess Pants…

I received a message that I believe was from God.  It was received at the very time that I needed to hear a message, and the message received, was the very words that I needed to hear.   I don’t believe in conscience so I know that it was meant to be.

I was feeling down.. Like there is something wrong with me not being able to maintain relationships.  I was wondering why it was easy for others to find and keep friends, and for me…. after a while— people get on my nerves.  I guess that I really can’t hid it.

Just when I was thinking those negative thoughts—I received a message via Facebook– someone I had helped in the past – reached out to me to tell me that I was beautiful and awesome, and that she would never forget the kindness that I had shown to her.  It was so… unexpected. and it came just at the time that I needed to hear it.


I told her, that her message was God sent…. and she restated that God is indeed Good, and that I was awesome and she knows it.  I know that it was God!

Today’s Project is a Goddess Pants. While looking through YouTube, i came across a

tutorial showing how to put together this pant and I wanted to try it out.

It was simple to cut ( I had made a

short pattern over the summer that I used that was cut with my measurements)– I used a purple satin fabric with a purple satin see through toile. I liked how it turned out. I may try this one again in a different color.


The most difficult part was inserting the shorts into the toile. I had to pull the thread out three times before I was able to put it together correctly. So… what should have taken me not more than 2 hours, turned into about 4 hours!! But next, time… not so long.

P liked it… He doesn’t know where I will wear it to.. but that is the joy of creating something!  Just to be able to create something from nothing!!  It takes my mind off of myself and focus all my energy into what I am creating.  Very peaceful.


Thanksgiving Day

Photo on 11-24-13 at 1.20 PM

Happy Thanksgiving!!





Somethings that I’m thankful for:

There are many blessings in my life that I am thankful for.  I am thankful that God has blessed me with a good husband and a wonderful family.  I have enough to keep me busy and enough friends to feel fulfilled socially.  I’m happy and for that I thank the Lord.

Today started with a 2-mile warm up on the treadmill followed by 20 minutes on the elliptical, then pull-ups!  I still need to sit down and plan my holiday fitness rotation that includes getting my mileage up a little.

The breakfast of champions this morning was an apple and a glass of water.

my fitness goal is to once again fit into my size 4 jeans.  I have faith that I will reach that goal.  I need to set that path and make sure that I stay on that right path.

Truly God is Good and all is well.

People live for Good

This has to be the best commercial I’ve seen in a long time!!

“There are man-eating sharks in every ocean.But we still swim.

Every second somewhere in the world lightening strikes. But we still play in the rain.

Poisonous snakes can be found in 49 of the 50 states. But we still go looking for adventure.

A car can crash. A house can crumble. But we still drive. And love coming home.

Because I think deep down we know all the bad things that can happen in life they can’t stop us from making our lives good.”

This brings me back to the reality that there is Good in the world.  Even though there is bad things and bad people… it shouldn’t stop us from living a good life…. and being a good person!

From this moment on… I will not change who I am, because of bad people.  I will not be upset any longer.  I am who I am. And there is nothing wrong with me.  Bad things have happened to  me, but it doesn’t stop me from being loving, caring, confident, and strong.  I’ve made mistakes… I will make mistakes… it will not stop me for living Good.  Living God.

Photo on 11-24-13 at 6.59 AM



So… others are still trying to control through emotions!  By using certain words– like “feel”- then attach a negative adjective to that word—-  Some people believe that those string of words alone will get me to change the mental state that I am in.

So… others believe that they can “shame” me into doing their own bidding.  Because I am a good person — who typically do not like to disappoint others.


It doesn’t work!  I am not manipulated by anything that you put out there!  I am perfectly fine with WHO I AM. The only thing that your actions do to me is to irritate me.  And when something starts to irritate me, I just laugh it off and walk away.


Even if I look fluffy in all pictures that are taken of me…. doesn’t mean that I “feel” fluffy.  LOL…I would have never thought that at the age of 44, I would have to encounter “Bullies”!

This is actually getting interesting….. It’s like an experiment.  To see what comes next.

Well… I can tell you what comes next for me….. to continue living my life the way that I want to live my life.   To continue to “Feel” what I want to “Feel”— Not what you would want me to feel. If it so happens to be the same feel adjective that you are currently using—- my feeling would be based on what I choose to feel—- not you trying to “suggest negative” feel adjectives.

LOL… No matter how much a picture is stretched.. It doesn’t mean that is how I see myself!

I know that I know that I know….. who I AM and how I live.  I don’t see myself through others eyes. And I am beautiful.


Life Lessons 11-11

Will I ever learn?  I’d like to think that I will eventually wake up and see what is going on around me.  I think that deep in my core, I expect only good– whether slow with the follow through, no worries.  The intent behind the actions are what counts in my mind.  I think that I end up upsetting a lot of people because my core is good.  I go along with others agendas in order to “make them happy” even though I lose out in the end.

I listen to others problems. I internalize others feelings in an attempt to empathize with them. Others know this about me, and they play on it. and when I don’t follow through with what’s on their agenda, that is where the manipulation techniques sets in.

“make her feel guilty” for not doing what deep inside I didn’t want to do to begin with.  Who really wants to get credit for work that they didn’t do? and gets mad when it doesn’t happen? remember the veiled harassments– live, laugh, love? remember the failed attempt to take another’s position? “oh… she’s a sucker, she’ll do as I say” “make her feel guilty”–

Well… I’ve read the same memo…I’ve received the same briefing about you.

And It really doesn’t work anymore.

It is about me.

It’s about my experiences. It’s about my life. It’s not about others manipulating my feelings and actions.  There are two sides to every story– then there is the truth. Even if everyone is against me (which they are not)…. Even if everyone wants something from me– and gets upset when they don’t get it (which everyone does not)— I am still who I am.  I’ve been through what I’ve been through…. Just like you.

I will not define myself by any other’s opinion.

I will not judge myself by any other’s standards.

There seems to be a pact to try to make me feel bad. Guess what….. I don’t!

I feel good! I feel good!

It seems that everywhere I turn… You are… Why? Is it to manipulate me to help you? Is it to send veiled harassments? Is it to make me feel bad because I don’t follow through FOR YOU? Your type is to sneak in and take what doesn’t belong to you. to expect to get credit for what you don’t do. to step on others to get through. And that’s fine FOR YOU.

And what’s fine for me is to be who I am. To feel whatever I feel. To do what I want to do.

It IS about me. MY life is not about YOU.

Today (11-11-13) is the Great Awaking Day–

Photo on 11-10-13 at 4.33 PM



A stranger that I used to know….  I’m finding my way back.. I’m smiling again… things are bright once again. Amnesia, no more. The reflections that I now see….I want to see. It’s me getting back to me. Boring me… reading, sewing, learning, making music… being creative, and loving it.  I’ve been exercising and my mood has been up and that’s were it is staying.

I’m the master of my thoughts, I’m the master of my destiny. I create my own happiness.  No more “sad eyes”.— When did it start to change? It’s true, you can change your life by changing your thoughts. Change the direction– by changing your goals.

I have a very supportive hubby that allows me to explore my desires… If I want to make music– He will cross hell and high water to get me my instrument. He’s proven it time and time again.  How did I get so lucky?  Fate is here… making sure that I realize what is right in front of my face. And right in front of my face, life is beautiful!  PL is on my side. He has always been by my side.

Sounds in the wind


what are you hearing? The talk and the chatter of those

not really caring?

the grips and the wines of the bobble heads staring

looking for clues to what my heart might be saying?


words freely spoken are like waves in the oceans

leading others like the sway of the tides

really saying nothing of what’s going on inside.

You hear me, now listen.


the waves carry exactly the words that I want them to

the words that means nothing but to those few

listen to what I have said to you.

We all look at our reflection in the mirror and see what we want to.

Don’t be swayed with that wind

stand on what your heart tells you

and listen.

Impossible to think any other way

no matter what that wind might  say

It’s hard to break links, it hard to break free of chains

drown out those other sounds

and listen to what i say.

hear me