Sounds in the wind


what are you hearing? The talk and the chatter of those

not really caring?

the grips and the wines of the bobble heads staring

looking for clues to what my heart might be saying?


words freely spoken are like waves in the oceans

leading others like the sway of the tides

really saying nothing of what’s going on inside.

You hear me, now listen.


the waves carry exactly the words that I want them to

the words that means nothing but to those few

listen to what I have said to you.

We all look at our reflection in the mirror and see what we want to.

Don’t be swayed with that wind

stand on what your heart tells you

and listen.

Impossible to think any other way

no matter what that wind might  say

It’s hard to break links, it hard to break free of chains

drown out those other sounds

and listen to what i say.

hear me