Life Lessons 11-11

Will I ever learn?  I’d like to think that I will eventually wake up and see what is going on around me.  I think that deep in my core, I expect only good– whether slow with the follow through, no worries.  The intent behind the actions are what counts in my mind.  I think that I end up upsetting a lot of people because my core is good.  I go along with others agendas in order to “make them happy” even though I lose out in the end.

I listen to others problems. I internalize others feelings in an attempt to empathize with them. Others know this about me, and they play on it. and when I don’t follow through with what’s on their agenda, that is where the manipulation techniques sets in.

“make her feel guilty” for not doing what deep inside I didn’t want to do to begin with.  Who really wants to get credit for work that they didn’t do? and gets mad when it doesn’t happen? remember the veiled harassments– live, laugh, love? remember the failed attempt to take another’s position? “oh… she’s a sucker, she’ll do as I say” “make her feel guilty”–

Well… I’ve read the same memo…I’ve received the same briefing about you.

And It really doesn’t work anymore.

It is about me.

It’s about my experiences. It’s about my life. It’s not about others manipulating my feelings and actions.  There are two sides to every story– then there is the truth. Even if everyone is against me (which they are not)…. Even if everyone wants something from me– and gets upset when they don’t get it (which everyone does not)— I am still who I am.  I’ve been through what I’ve been through…. Just like you.

I will not define myself by any other’s opinion.

I will not judge myself by any other’s standards.

There seems to be a pact to try to make me feel bad. Guess what….. I don’t!

I feel good! I feel good!

It seems that everywhere I turn… You are… Why? Is it to manipulate me to help you? Is it to send veiled harassments? Is it to make me feel bad because I don’t follow through FOR YOU? Your type is to sneak in and take what doesn’t belong to you. to expect to get credit for what you don’t do. to step on others to get through. And that’s fine FOR YOU.

And what’s fine for me is to be who I am. To feel whatever I feel. To do what I want to do.

It IS about me. MY life is not about YOU.

Today (11-11-13) is the Great Awaking Day–

Photo on 11-10-13 at 4.33 PM