So… others are still trying to control through emotions!  By using certain words– like “feel”- then attach a negative adjective to that word—-  Some people believe that those string of words alone will get me to change the mental state that I am in.

So… others believe that they can “shame” me into doing their own bidding.  Because I am a good person — who typically do not like to disappoint others.


It doesn’t work!  I am not manipulated by anything that you put out there!  I am perfectly fine with WHO I AM. The only thing that your actions do to me is to irritate me.  And when something starts to irritate me, I just laugh it off and walk away.


Even if I look fluffy in all pictures that are taken of me…. doesn’t mean that I “feel” fluffy.  LOL…I would have never thought that at the age of 44, I would have to encounter “Bullies”!

This is actually getting interesting….. It’s like an experiment.  To see what comes next.

Well… I can tell you what comes next for me….. to continue living my life the way that I want to live my life.   To continue to “Feel” what I want to “Feel”— Not what you would want me to feel. If it so happens to be the same feel adjective that you are currently using—- my feeling would be based on what I choose to feel—- not you trying to “suggest negative” feel adjectives.

LOL… No matter how much a picture is stretched.. It doesn’t mean that is how I see myself!

I know that I know that I know….. who I AM and how I live.  I don’t see myself through others eyes. And I am beautiful.