Goddess Pants…

I received a message that I believe was from God.  It was received at the very time that I needed to hear a message, and the message received, was the very words that I needed to hear.   I don’t believe in conscience so I know that it was meant to be.

I was feeling down.. Like there is something wrong with me not being able to maintain relationships.  I was wondering why it was easy for others to find and keep friends, and for me…. after a while— people get on my nerves.  I guess that I really can’t hid it.

Just when I was thinking those negative thoughts—I received a message via Facebook– someone I had helped in the past – reached out to me to tell me that I was beautiful and awesome, and that she would never forget the kindness that I had shown to her.  It was so… unexpected. and it came just at the time that I needed to hear it.


I told her, that her message was God sent…. and she restated that God is indeed Good, and that I was awesome and she knows it.  I know that it was God!

Today’s Project is a Goddess Pants. While looking through YouTube, i came across a

tutorial showing how to put together this pant and I wanted to try it out.

It was simple to cut ( I had made a

short pattern over the summer that I used that was cut with my measurements)– I used a purple satin fabric with a purple satin see through toile. I liked how it turned out. I may try this one again in a different color.


The most difficult part was inserting the shorts into the toile. I had to pull the thread out three times before I was able to put it together correctly. So… what should have taken me not more than 2 hours, turned into about 4 hours!! But next, time… not so long.

P liked it… He doesn’t know where I will wear it to.. but that is the joy of creating something!  Just to be able to create something from nothing!!  It takes my mind off of myself and focus all my energy into what I am creating.  Very peaceful.