Live, Believe, Be

Live, Laugh, Love was 2013;

moving forwards, while following my dreams,

This is my theme for 2014:

Photo on 12-30-13 at 7.38 PM #2

Live life SkyyHigh,
Don’t let opportunities slip by,
Believe Dreams Come True
Always BE YOU!



This week, I’ve started to go through my book list to see with books I am ready to part with. I haven’t been reading

romance novels lately, so those were the first to go.  I’ve kept a few incase the desire to pick one up comes around.  But for the most part, I’m still into research and Religion, so there my focus remains.

The room is a little more comfortable and I can sit and watch a movie in peace.  Got up this morning and ran a little over 3 miles.  It seems that the outside runs are slightly more painful then my treadmill runs. But it felt good after the run was over!
Re-designed2013 is slowly winding down and once again it’s a time to reflect on the happenings of the last 12 months. and to look towards the different areas I need to address for the upcoming New Year.  I like this time of the year because it always leads to reflections and changes.



Holiday Sewing

Skyy's Holiday outfit
Skyy’s Holiday outfit


Today’s project.  Christmas outfits for mommy and daughter.  The first skirt took me about six hours to complete!  It should have only taken about 1 hour, but I followed the tutorial step-by-step and it just took that long.  Anna’s skirt took about 1.5 hours to complete.  I left the pockets out because I figured that she didn’t really need pockets.

It was really rewarding when I completed both projects.  I’m finding out that it really isn’t that hard to learn to sew.  I just have to keep practicing.  Anna really loved her skirt and I loved seeing her excited for me to make it for her.

I guess that this is another dream come true.  I’ve always wanted a daughter to sew skirts and dresses for.  While completing her outfits, a feeling came over me that this is what I’ve envisioned doing long time ago. and I’m doing it.  I feel “on path”.DSCF8652

In the Social area: Nothing has really changed. I’m more and more resolved to go it alone. And there really is nothing wrong with doing that. I just keep living my Skyy Life.


Christmas Eve Workout



this workout looks like it would be a good circuit routine to keep the holiday pounds at bay.

I may try this minus the 30 minutes power vinyasa yoga a few times between now and Christmas Eve in order to work my way up to completing the entire workout.

The past week was really stress-free.  DD was under the weather most of the week and I had to take 2 days off from work to stay with her. This upcoming week starts the half-day holiday schedule and I always look forward to this time of the year.  Work slows down, and I can actually get more organized for the upcoming New Year.  I’m still amazed at how fast time seems to be speeding up.  It seems like it was just yesterday that I was typing at end of year. This year has been so eye opening for me (haven’t all of them been lately?)

I have a new boss– and I’m finally over some of the words of my last boss. I seem to have a new job— no more a technician,  more behind the screens .  Don’t know if it’s good or if it’s bad… I do know that it is different.  And I’m not afraid of different.

At the end of the year, I’m back to being and going it alone.  I find that I believe Bob Marley:  “Don’t think that you HAVE to HAVE friends”  I don’t think that I have to have friends.  I’ve never been the friendly type and I no longer force myself to be in situations that I feel uncomfortable in.  Although there still seems to be a campaign against me– to harass and belittle me, I don’t have to play a part in it.

I’ve traced back the connections of harassments.  I’ve known for a while of the different people involved and I’ve stood back and watched.– just to see what the outcome would be. In the last month and a half- I’ve turned the tables.  I’ve confronted the individuals who harass and I’ve confronted the areas that have been harassed. The areas that others may think I worry about or don’t like in my life, I have no problems with.  If I don’t have demons within, the demons without has no power over me.

I realize that it is a spirit.  Although the person plays out the harassments, it is really that evil spirit at work in their intent.  I just pray for them and drive on.

Keep running,

Keep loving,

Keep living stress-free

Hotness Program




My new hotness program. I’m determined to take photos of myself to get more comfortable in pictures.





I purchased this dress from England and I’m truly in love!



photo 3-6
DH truly loves the look and I will continue until I am totally comfortable in my own skin.

So, what is this hotness program?  It is a program that I’m committed to– that leads me to be kind to myself. The program calls for me to speak kindly to myself and not judge myself too harshly.  I will continue to log the miles and lift the weight and I will get my body to a comfortable weight.

In addition, I’m video blogging my days to remind myself that I have to be kind to myself.  I am determined to be at peace with myself.. It seems to be working… today, I went to lunch with a co-worker and had a really nice time. She and I spent the time talking, laughing and just being ourselves. It was really nice.

Sunday Flow

This weekend has been a blast!  DH, DD, and I went on a Family Hike.  It was our first full hike as a family and of course I was a little nervous having DD hike so high.  But she showed mommy really good!  She was a trooper and kept going.  We hiked maybe two miles and for her first one, very good.

DH was a little annoyed with me for being so fussy, but that’s what Family Hikes are…. spending time with each other and working through our frustrations to complete the process and get to the view at the top.  And the view was wonderful!

IMG_4001 IMG_4003

This Sunday has been very peaceful…not counting the trip to Costco! But Hubby and I really do hate being in crowds…. So.. Costco on Sunday does not qualify as peaceful…











but we got in and out in no time flat! As always when we go there, we come home with more Sweet Bread!! My idea! And I’m going to enjoy eating it…
And running off the guilt afterwards.

IMG_4016 IMG_4015 IMG_4014 IMG_4013

These are my new babies this past week!

I’m almost as tall as Hubby when I step into them! Told DH that we are going to have to start going places that I can wear my pretty shoes….He wasn’t up on that idea, but DD and I are going to go without him if he doesn’t jump on board.– He will– I can tell that he likes the look.

New Lifting; Mental high

New Lifting; Mental high

thinking about starting a new lifting program.  The title of the workout is “the Greatest Workout”

Day one:  upper body max strength: Bench press; push press; weighted chin-ups; and weighted dips

Time to start seriously working on my shoulders…..instead of covering them up.. I’m going to pump them up!

This week so far, I’ve logged about 20 miles.  I feel good.

Upper/Lower Body Split Rotation
DAY 1 Upper Body Weights
DAY 2 Cardio
DAY 3 Lower Body Weights
DAY 4 Cardio
DAY 5 Total Body Weights or Circuit
DAY 6 Cardio
DAY 7 rest or yoga

Mentally, this has been a good week. Very peaceful and calm. I think there is a shift in the wind.  I’m looking for a new group to hike with and I’m not too worried about what others think of my choice.  I’m just doing my thing and it’s nice.

I don’t think that “everyone” is out to get me… I don’t look over my should all the time to see who may be trying to stab me in the back.  I rely on myself, on my instincts.  I go with my gut.  If something doesn’t feel right to me, if someone is throwing shade at me…. I go with my instincts and stay away from them.  I don’t even care why or what they may be up to.  Everyone has the right to live their lives…. and if some people want to waste their time trying to upset me….. that’s their business… I don’t have to deal with it.

I have always been this way… and I will remain this way.


Goddess series part 2

This is the 2nd piece in the Goddess series.  A self-drafted skirt.  From draft to photo, it took about 3 hours!  Not bad…. I put in the invisible zipper, something that I definitely need to practice… I can’t seem to get it, but I will not give up!


Today’s positive thoughts:  I’m just going to keep thinking positive!

*** About life

***About myself

***About others

I refuse to accept defeat.  I can learn anything that I want to learn.  Teaching myself is definitely possible and I’m up for the challenge.

DSCF8548 DSCF8545 DSCF8546

Nothing is better

DSCF8542than finding a nice pair of heels!!



In fact, I’ve picked up four new (to me) pairs!





Now all I need is a place to wear these fancy shoes!





This one has quickly become my favorite find.





Keep running,

Keep loving,

Keep living stress-free.

(It took 3 years to get back – but, I’m back)